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"Doctors and patients are accomplices in staging a kind of drama in which we pretend that doctors have the power to keep us well."
—A.S. Trillin

Amy Silverstein These blog entries are dramas. Real life ones that make me squirm even as I assume my role in them, for they shine a bright light that pushes up against my comfort level. And as much as I do not want to face the glaring pretense of my faith in doctors and medicine, I cannot look away from it.
Because I know better.
Twenty-six years with a heart transplant have taught me the dangers of medical theater. One too many ambulance rides disproving doctors' earlier assurances of "You're fine," have made me into a staunch, if reluctant, realist.
I have found that when doctors deliver their lines on the stage of my survival enactment, the proper shout is not "Bravo!" but rather the more courageously offered, "Bravo?"
Yet I am not nearly daring enough to give up all hope in white-coat power—even if experience has taught me otherwise.
My hope is to write FULL FRONTAL MEDICINE as a front-row-seat blog that highlights this conflict and serves as mind fodder for those who are or will be patients striving for wellness.
And that's pretty much all of us.

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Amy Silverstein Beginning with the onset of her symptoms when she was a twenty-three-year-old law student, SICK GIRL chronicles Amy's medical journey for over two decades, from the first misdiagnosis to her astonishing ongoing life after heart transplant—in spite of a ten year post-surgery life expectancy.

An award-winning memoir, SICK GIRL has garnered tremendous attention and ignited controversy since its release. With extraordinary candor, Amy's story speaks boldly for those with life-threatening or chronic illness who experience simultaneously a deep gratitude for life and a profound loss in sickness, but who are reluctant to voice their mixed emotions—people who do not dare tell even their best friend about staring at the TV with wonder when a celebrity with their same illness gushes, "Getting sick is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Written with force and honesty, Amy's inspiring and provocative book presents a patient's perspective that allows the reader to live the complex emotional and medical journey alongside her—an experience that is utterly compelling. Her unforgettable self-portrait will forever change your perspective on life, health, and medicine.

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WINNER—Books for a Better Life Award (click here to read more)

"[Twenty-six] years ago at age 25 Amy got a life-saving heart transplant. But that medical miracle is only part of her amazing story. The rest will surprise you. And inspire you and choke you up with tears and laughter. SICK GIRL by Amy Silverstein. Highly recommended."
   —Larry King

"The odds confronted in Silverstein's memoir, SICK GIRL, are daunting, and the crowning miracle is that she wrote this feisty, insightful, improbable book at all. Silverstein has cheated death to thrive in her post-transplant existence and to write about it with incredible courage, determination, self-scrutiny, and verve."
   —Elle Magazine

"[A] mesmeric human drama of living life as a heart transplant recipient . . . an Ivy League-trained lawyer and superb writer with a wry, biting sense of humor, Silverstein is a natural raconteur with a story so compelling readers won't want to put this book down."
   —Library Journal (starred review)

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